Benjamin Moore's retailers have been using COLORx, their internal paint tinting software, for almost 10 years with several pain points in their daily workflow. They have been requesting features and updates that would help speed up their processes, while creating a more accurate and reliable product for their customers.
Conducted research and demo sessions with retailers to leverage feedback and deliver a modern UI that provided a better workflow for customer to get the best and most accurately tinted products. Work within a lean UX agile process with business stakeholders and development team to deliver new or updated features, as well as incorporating retailer feedback from previous demos to test with retailers every 10 weeks.
Responsible for:
• UI
• UX
• User research

Main Color Search Screen
On the main screen several features enable a better product experience:
• A type ahead feature was added, to make searching for a color and product faster and easier - speeding up the process for new employees and reducing their onboarding time.
• Out of Stock messaging for colorants were placed more effectively on the screen so that retailers could immediately know which they needed to replenish stock of
• Required primers used to have a pop-up, which slowed down the search process and most retailers had bypassed as many customers did not wish to buy an extra product. However, more messaging was added to help the retailers upsell primers with messaging from the brand on why a primer was important.
Similar or Twin Names
In Benjamin Moore's color library, there are several instances in which a color may have a similar name. A request was made so that in the event there is such an occurence, a retailer can check with the customer to make sure that they have the correct color requested. The specific fan deck in which a color came from and a swatch was also added so that there was also a visual element to help ensure the right color was being tinted.
Competitive Company Color Search
There are instances a customer will come to a retailer and ask for a color from a competitive company to be created with Benjamin Moore's paint. A retailer is able to search all competitor's color libraries and is also able to see the top 5 closest colors from Benjamin Moore. Before, a retailer would either have to pull up that list, and take a photo with their phone or write down the color numbers to take over to the chip rack to pull them to try to convert that customer over to one of Benjamin Moore's colors. A new UI was implemented where a retailer would be able to compare the colors on screen using the tool to see how close a match it was, as well as a print functionality where they can send the list of 5 colors to their label printer for convenience.

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